Interview with Haute D'vie online magazine

Interview with Haute D'vie online magazine

Haute Exclusive Look At the Leading Man of Front Cover: James Chen

Without trying to spoil the plot too much for future moviegoers, Front Cover is the story of two wildly different people, one a New York stylist, the other an extremely patriotic and somewhat arrogant actor, falling in love with each other; the twist, both of the leading roles in the film are played by Asian-American male actors. In an industry, that’s been known for white-washing characters (i.e. Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell or Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in Doctor Strange) and a lack of hiring minority actors (a.k.a. #OscarsSoWhite/#NetflixSoWhite), here we have a movie that not only features not one, but two Asian-American male actors as protagonists, but to have them be love interests as well, is simply unheard of and greatly appreciated...

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WATCH: KORE Asian Media interview re: Front Cover

KORE Asian Media interview re: Front Cover

Actor James Chen, who stars in the new movie “Front Cover,” talks to us about how he drew from personal experience to tap into the unique role of a foreign actor who goes through personal self-discovery with a gay fashion stylist. He sat down with our host over a pack of Twizzlers and strong java that’ll make your hair stand up if you drink too much. "Front Cover" is currently playing at The Sundance Sunset Cinemas in Los Angeles. Check your local listings for theaters and showtimes.

August Front Cover Premiers

After over 1 year of touring the world through the festival circuit, we had our theatrical premiere on Friday 8/5 in NYC.

I would love to share this work, and its messages of love, acceptance, and the journey of identity with you all.  This project also champions Asians and Asian Americans in feature films.

Upcoming Showings

Village East Cinema - August 5-12
189 2nd Ave
New York City, NY 10003

Sundance Sunset 5 - August 12-19
8000 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046